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updated: 8 months ago

Daily Money Managers can Make Life easier, but research before hiring

“Late credit-card payment, $30.

Bounced-check charge, $50.

Paying someone else to get your bills and banking done on time? Priceless.

A new breed of financial advisers, called daily money managers, handle the grunt work of financial chores for the middle class.

For about $50 an hour, a daily money manager will scan credit-card statements, create a budget, even write the checks, lick the stamps and deliver your bills to the mailbox.”

updated: 8 months ago

The Motley Fool

Do You Need a Daily Money Manager?

August 26, 2008

“Imagine we're producing a new reality show called A Day in the Life of You. How much of your time would be devoted to money matters? For most of us, it's not enough. That’s not because we're lazy. We're busy, plain and simple. We have kids to raise, houses to maintain, careers to nurture, and significant others with whom to spend quality time.”

“Since you can't outsource time with your lover (that's a question for an entirely different sort of website), a better option is to hire someone to help with the mundane money tasks that clog your to-do list: a Daily Money Manager, or DMM.”

updated: 8 months ago

Daily money managers for the average Jill or Joe

May 25, 2005

“Too busy for billsPat Manalio's clientele at Strategic Financial Services of Lakeridge, Va., is predominantly busy professionals and small business owners for whom her time, at $60 an hour, is money well-spent.”

updated: 8 months ago

The Boston Globe

December 5, 2004

By Davis Bushnell

Aging Mass. residents seek help with money matters

updated: 8 months ago